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 And I'll be back again and again and again

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PostSubject: And I'll be back again and again and again   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:34 pm

As a true Highwaymen, sometime you get caught on the Highway doing something your not suppose to be doing driving home on 520 at 1pm 7 years ago. In true Highwaymen fashion I moved on down south to the greener pastures of Oregon. I roamed the road avoided the law for many years. Then one night about 15 months ago I ventured north to Port Townsend to see what trouble I could get into as a Highwaymen. Well, my carriage had a headlight out and soon I had the red and blue lights behind me. I got taken down off the Highway for two nights before returning back south to those greener pastures of Oregon.
So it has come to this. This Highwaymen will report to the clink on Sunday to do his time. I will sit and ponder what adventures awake as my time will be short and I will be free to roam by Thursday. And where do you think this Highwaymen will roam on a first week of May.
I with take that Highway 90 East to Montana because I'm going to to fucking MAGGOTFEST 2011! See you at the Fest boys. AXEL
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And I'll be back again and again and again
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